[CCH_1] Ya-Qing Zhan and the Penghu archipelago

This episode is a conversation between Michael and Ya-Qing Zhan, a SICSS member doing her PhD at the Institute of Geography at the University of Hamburg. Ya-Qing shares her experience as an international PhD candidate in Germany, and the focus of her research, which are the cultural responses to wind, monsoons and typhoons on the Penghu archipelago, Taiwan. Penghu is also called “Wind Island”, monsoon seasons influence both the landscape and the lifestyle of people on Penghu.

The photograph shows Donyupinyu island in the Penghu archipelago. Ya-Qing went on a field trip to Penghu in 2022. For her PhD project, she interviewed government and community members and analysed culture operations and cultural practices related to wind on Penghu. An important goal of Ya-Qing’s work is to see the possibilities and challenges of enhancing wind resilience on islands.