[CCH_3] Alejandra, Carlos and Their Long Way to Germany

The path to becoming a researcher is not an easy path, in any country of the world. Depending on where exactly you are from, several different factors have to come together in order to reach the academic position of your dreams. In this episode of Climate Chatter Hamburg, we get to hear the personal stories of two Latin American PhD students who made it to the University of Hamburg in Germany: Carlos Tello and Alejandra Gómez Correa. We chatted about the good and the bad in their everyday lives as well as academic life, their present struggles and future perspectives.

Carlos Tello is a Mexican PhD student at the University of Hamburg. He studied law in Mexico and later on took the decision to enter into the field of environmental sciences with a more global scope. Now he does his studies in land decision-making and power relations in the Amazon Forest.

Alejandra is Colombian and PhD student at Hamburg University. She is a geologist/paleobiologist by training, and her current research focuses on how biodiversity changed across the worst mass extinction event on Earth’s history in response to the climate crisis of 252 million years ago.

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