[CCH_4] Shabeh and the Water of the Indus Valley

This episode of Climate Chatter Hamburg is an interview with Shabeh ul Hasson, who is currently working as a postdoc in the Institute of Geography of the University of Hamburg, after being a SICSS Ph.D. student. Shabeh gives a broad overview of the state of water resources within the Indus basin, and explains the complexities of the Indus basin hydrology.

The Indus is specifically important as it receives the highest melt water contributions from the Karakoram glacier, enourshied under westerly disturbances. Furthermore, it lies at the extreme margins of the South Asian Summer Monsoon, being influenced by its erratic behavior. We also chatted about current issues with water resources in Pakistan, which are detrimental to the socio-economic development of the country—and how to solve these problems.

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